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The Coolies

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The Coolies

The Coolies has been played on NTS in shows including The Bennett Show, featured first on 10 September 2020. Songs played include El Condor Pasa.

There are three bands with this name:

1) The Coolies were an Atlanta-based band that put together two off-beat records on DB records. The first, 1986's dig . . .?, was a set of Simon & Garfunkel songs with weird styles (surf, psychedelia, funk, etc). In 1988 they released Doug (and thus having their two albums naming out a 1980s video game fave, Dig Doug), a rock opera that tells the story of a skinhead who murders a…

El Condor Pasa
The Coolies
DB Recs1986
El Condor Pasa
The CooliesDB Recs1986