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Taavi Tulev

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Taavi Tulev

Taavi Tulev has been played on NTS in shows including OnoTesla, featured first on 13 September 2020. Songs played include Milleks Ärgata?.

Taavi Tulev, also known by pseudonym Wochtzchée, is an Estonian musician and soundscape designer from Tallinn, Estonia. He makes mostly electronic music that emerges from somewhere very deep, from its own time and space. Quite often it is a total mystery and, on occasion, an irreverent tool meant to cause audience hypnosis.

Tulev's past work includes sound design for several exhibitions and a couple of student films. He has released four solo albums and his tracks have featured on several compilations in Estonia and…

Milleks Ärgata?
Taavi Tulev
Taavi Tulev2016
Milleks Ärgata?
Taavi TulevTaavi Tulev2016