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Chris Newman

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Chris Newman

Chris Newman has been played on NTS shows including Lung Dart, with Shoe first played on 14 September 2020.

There are at least two artists by the name of Chris Newman:

1.) experimental interdisciplinary artist Chris Newman of London (now Berlin) born 1958 2.) rock n' roll artist Chris Newman of Portland, Oregon (born 1953) known for bands such as Napalm Beach, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Divining Rods, Lost Acolytes, Boo Frog.

1.) Chris Newman (born 1958 in London, lives in Berlin) is a contemporary composer, painter, author and performance artist.

Chris Newman is an experimental interdisciplinary artist using the medium of music, painting, video,…

C. Newman, H. Zerlett
BMG Entertainment, Aris1999
C. Newman, H. ZerlettBMG Entertainment, Aris1999