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Umrijeti Za Strojem

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Umrijeti Za Strojem

Umrijeti Za Strojem has been played on NTS in shows including Limp Wrist, featured first on 14 July 2020. Songs played include Strana A.

'Umrijeti za strojem' is a manifesto conceived sometime around 2001, but didn't come to fruition until late 2006, adopting the name, very possibly from a Lars Von Trier movie 'Dancer in the Dark'. Its translation is not that easy though - the phrase is a combination of references judging modern society under constant automation. Using simple chords or no chords at all, UZS is dedicated to musical simplicity, often in its abrasive form.

During one of these very early recording sessions…

Strana A
Umrijeti Za Strojem
Not On Label2009
Strana A
Umrijeti Za StrojemNot On Label2009