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Sound Of Seduction

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Sound Of Seduction

Sound Of Seduction has been played on NTS shows including Terrible Records, with Wine And Dine 'Round 99 first played on 15 September 2020.

Sound Of Seduction is a Danish trio consisting of the rapper Remee and the two singers Marie Hecht and Christina Groth. The project was formed in 1992. Produced by Alibaba and Peter Mulgurul. The group released 3 albums; Time Is Running Out (1993), A Cozy Condition (1994), Welcome To My World (1995), before in 1996 splitting up.

Remee also made the famous song supporting the victims of the tsunami in thailand: "even the smallest drop gives rings in the water"

Wine And Dine 'Round 99
Sound Of Seduction
Dance Pool1995
Wine And Dine 'Round 99
Sound Of SeductionDance Pool1995