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Johnny Burnette

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Johnny Burnette

Johnny Burnette has been played on NTS in shows including God's Waiting Room w/ David Holmes, featured first on 21 September 2020. Songs played include Wampus Cat.

Johnny Burnette (March 25, 1934 – August 14, 1964) was an American rockabilly pioneer from Memphis, TN. Along with his older brother Dorsey Burnette and a friend, Paul Burlison, he was the founding member of Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio.

John Joseph Burnette was born to Willie May and Dorsey Burnett Sr. in Memphis, Tennessee. (The ‘e’ at the end of the name was added later.) Johnny grew up with his parents and Dorsey Jr. in…

Wampus Cat
Johnny Burnette
Norton Records2004
Wampus Cat
Johnny BurnetteNorton Records2004