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Creature has been played on NTS in shows including Spinee, featured first on 18 September 2020. Songs played include Captain Hook Riddim.

There are currently 10 bands named Creature - please check the one you were looking for:

1) Creature is Belgian Melodic Black Metal band. The band was founded in 1998, they have released their first full CD entitled "Dying Nation'" in 2007. The lyrical themes include Occultism, Darkness, Mythology and Satanism. They are part of a small Belgian record label company called "Metal Distro"

2) Creature is a pop rock band from Montreal: explosive concoction of pop, hip-hop, new wave and dance-punk, Creature has the…

Captain Hook Riddim
Phatworld feat. Creature
Off Me Nut Records2017
Captain Hook Riddim
Phatworld feat. CreatureOff Me Nut Records2017