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Dr. Phil Omanski

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Dr. Phil Omanski

Dr. Phil Omanski has been played on NTS shows including Bokeh Versions, with Young Birds (Original Mix) first played on 23 September 2020.

Real Name: Jorn Hanneman Genre: hardcore / gabber Aliases: Jeremy, Jorn & DJ Jorn. Known from: Thunderdome, BZRK Records, Rotterdam Records Classics, The Third Movement, ect. Jorn Hanneman also appear in groups: Public Domain, Gabbaheads, Sons Of Hardcorps, DJ Francois & Jeremy, Ard Und Jorn, Babylon, Fistfull, Kozmoz, MDC, Project #1, Sunday's Limit, The Unknown Project, Brothers Into Infinitely and Jomàr. Variations: DJ Phil Omanski, Dr Phil Omanski, Dr. P. Omanski, Dr. Phil, Dr. Phill Omanski, Dr. Philomanski, P. Omanski, Phil Omanski.

Young Birds (Original Mix)
DJ Weirdo, Dr. Phil Omanski
Bzrk Records Black Label1996
Young Birds (Original Mix)
DJ Weirdo, Dr. Phil OmanskiBzrk Records Black Label1996