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Monika Roscher Bigband

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Monika Roscher Bigband

Monika Roscher Bigband has been played on NTS shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, with Failure In Wonderland first played on 10 November 2013.

It was during a composition class at Munich’s academy of music that Monika Roscher’s Big Band first came into being. An original composition for big band ensemble was met with heaps of appreciation and praise, encouraging the Jazz guitarist (born 1985) to further pursue this line of musical adventure. Gathering friends and fellow students around her, who to this day form the band’s core, Monika’s graduation recital in summer 2010 was quickly transformed into her big band’s celebrated debut concert. Things moved…

Failure In Wonderland
Monika Roscher Bigband
Enja Records2012
Failure In Wonderland
Monika Roscher BigbandEnja Records2012