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Bigg Robb

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Bigg Robb

Bigg Robb has been played on NTS shows including LDLDN, with Curious (B.Soul) first played on 26 September 2020.

It’s been almost 3 decades since Robert ”Bigg Robb” Smith started on his professional musical journey. Hailing from Cincinnati Ohio, Robb’s earliest childhood memories are of him reading Ebony and Jet magazine aloud for family and friends at the age of 3 years old. “My cousins would make me do it for their entertainment”, says Bigg Robb. “I guess you could say I’ve been in the spotlight for a long time”.

Starting off in 1979 as a local disc jockey at a small community radio station…

Curious (B.Soul)
Bigg Robb (Midnight Star mix)
ROBBMUSIC., Over 25 Sound2007
Curious (B.Soul)
Bigg Robb (Midnight Star mix)ROBBMUSIC., Over 25 Sound2007