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The Planets

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The Planets

The Planets has been played on NTS in shows including Los Hitters, featured first on 6 October 2020. Songs played include Everybody's Getting High.

There are six groups called The Planets,

Hip-Hop duo (UK) Sixties Italian beat band (ITA) Contemporary classical group (UK) New wave band (UK) Noise-metal bass/drums duo (USA) Sixties revival/rockabilly/punk band (GER) Hip-Hop Duo (UK)

The Planets are Ayman Raze aka Forever Bin Rhymin & Nomadic Poet aka Rapastani.

In this vast ocean of MCs and artists you may ask the obvious question: “What separates The Planets from the competition?”

Firstly, well over a decade ago Nomadic Poet and Ayman Raze birthed a…

Everybody's Getting High
The Planets
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Everybody's Getting High
The PlanetsPlanets Records0