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Quincy Punx

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Quincy Punx

Quincy Punx has been played on NTS shows including Limp Wrist, with Cereal Killer first played on 6 October 2020.

Inspired by their love for beer, classic punk rock, and cheesy '80's horror movies, Quincy Punx were founded in 1990 by Bob Wood - Guitar, Dave DePriest - Vocals/Lyrics, and Mike Robertson - Drums/Vocals in St. Paul, Minnesota. Throughout the years, this core line-up has remained the same, but with a "revolving door" line-up of bass players. The first was Greg Martin, who had to leave due to chemical burns on a large percentage of his body and subsequently falling into a coma. True shit….

Cereal Killer
Quincy Punx
THD Records1992
Cereal Killer
Quincy PunxTHD Records1992