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MaUVe has been played on NTS shows including SWEETBOY Pick ‘n’ Mix w KO___OL + Jordan, with Here I Go Again (Mauve Vocal) first played on 25 September 2020.

There are at least 6 bands named Mauve : 1)Italian indie band 2)non-existing new wave band from Brazil 3)non-existing house duo 4)Dutch ambient/rock band 5)Early-nineties UK indie band, based in Burton-on-Trent 6)newly renamed UK indie rock band Thieves

1)Mauve takes shape one day of May 2005 in Verbania (Italy). After a short talk inside the local library's garden, Carlo (guitar, voice) and Elda (drums, samples) bring it to life. After the winter, Alberto (guitar, glockenspiel) joins the band that grows up very…

Here I Go Again (Mauve Vocal)
Mario (MaUVe mix)
J Records2005
Here I Go Again (Mauve Vocal)
Mario (MaUVe mix)J Records2005