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Cutlass Supreme

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Cutlass Supreme

Cutlass Supreme has been played on NTS shows including Louise Chen , with Summer Funk first played on 6 October 2020.

These five young bucks have blended their love of vinyl 45s, faded postcards, and big American cars to form Cutlass Supreme, an outfit loud enough to rock, but not afraid to handle gently.

Cutlass Supreme provides all the fuel economy, room, comfort, and safety features one demands of a band. But it does so without compromising on performance, spirit, and style.

Yes, Cutlass Supreme offer these two CD EPs, each produced by Andy Ernst (Green Day-Rancid-AFI-High Fives), which boast the performance of a 160-horsepower V6 engine,…

Summer Funk
DJ Cutlass Supreme
Summer Funk
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