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Mushroom has been played on NTS shows including Mark Leckey, with We Did It Again first played on 3 October 2015.

There are multiple artists with this name, including: 1) Mushroom is an American alternative, experimental psychedelic, folk-rock collective from San Francisco. 2) Mushroom was an Irish progressive folk-rock band that was active from 1970-1974. 3) Mushroom was an alias of American goa trance artist Marc Hunt. 4) Mushroom is a house music producer/engineer from Brasschaat, Belgium. 5) Mushroom is an IDM/glitch web artist. 6) Mushroom is a German psychedelic trance artist. 7) Mushroom is a German progressive rock band. 8) Mushroom] is a Dutch 1970s…

We Did It Again
Mushroom With Kevin Ayres, Kevin Ayres
Not On Label (Mushroomhead Self-released)2014
We Did It Again
Mushroom With Kevin Ayres, Kevin AyresNot On Label (Mushroomhead Self-released)2014