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Chris Braun Band

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Chris Braun Band

Chris Braun Band has been played on NTS shows including Solid State Survivor w/ Shags Chamberlain, with Kredit, Kredit first played on 21 October 2020.

Their debut LP group (of 3). Chris Brown, a girl with a husky and powerful voice, something reminiscent of the vocal Rumf Inga (Inga Rumpf) from Frumpy … Who is she? I do not know … The Germans did not sing the blues so. But the British (and especially Americans) so not singing the blues … The fifth element of some kind, with the author's leanings. Yes, and folk is clearly not German. And what then? The Crazy World Of…

Kredit, Kredit
Chris Braun Band
Kredit, Kredit
Chris Braun BandWelt-Rekord1983