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Metro Station

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Metro Station

Metro Station was first played on NTS on 30 October 2020. Songs played include Shake It.

Metro Station was a band that started in Los Angeles, California in 2006, playing a mixture of electronic music with pop rock and powerpop styles. Originally an indie sensation, they've signed to Columbia/Red Ink Records, and they're best known for their RIAA certified double-platinum single "Shake It", which they released from their self-titled debut album, 'Metro Station', in March 2008. Popularized mainly by their co-frontman Trace Cyrus, the band has experienced a boom in their record sales.

In 2007, musicians Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso agreed to meet on the…

Shake It
Metro Station
Red Ink2007
Shake It
Metro StationRed Ink2007