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The Morlocks

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The Morlocks

The Morlocks has been played on NTS shows including Tia Cousins, with Dirty Red first played on 29 October 2020.

The Morlocks emerged from the ashes of early-1980s California garage band The Gravedigger 5, but with a heavier sound, more murderous songs, and the trademark snarl of singer Leighton Koizumi.

And then they disappeared, back into the grave. At one point there were even reports that Leighton was dead! Stabbed to death in the parking lot after a show.

But the Morlocks are back in action, as of 2007/08, with all members alive and more or less intact!

The Morlocks have real, authentic garage attitude and…

Dirty Red
The Morlocks
Olde Haat Records2006
Dirty Red
The MorlocksOlde Haat Records2006