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Benny Yurco

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Benny Yurco

Benny Yurco has been played on NTS shows including Light in the Attic, with The Beacon first played on 30 October 2020.

Benny Yurco is a Multi-Instrumentalist/producer from Vermont. After earning a reputation as one of the most unique and desired players in the psych soul-rock revival, Benny Yurco's solo debut presents his refreshing musical voice in its rawest and most ideal form. Co-produced with Floating Action's Seth Kauffman, "This is a Future" is lo-fi, song-oriented psychedelia at its finest. A hazy mash-up of Gram Parsons meeting The Flaming Lips at Studio 1 in Kingston, Jamaica, these songs merge the ideals of early, dub masters…

The Beacon
Benny Yurco
People In A Position To Know2020
The Beacon
Benny YurcoPeople In A Position To Know2020