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Espen Eriksen Trio

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Espen Eriksen Trio

Espen Eriksen Trio has been played on NTS shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, with Transparent Darkness first played on 1 November 2020.

The jazz world is not short on piano trios, but it's not every day that one comes across a new trio with a personal musical language. "You Had Me At Goodbye", the debut release from the Norwegian trio contains highly melodical and lyrical instrumentals with elements from Scandinavian folk and melancholia and shades of the deep woods. It's definitely jazz, but their less is more approach is in contrast to most of their contemporaries, with structures almost like pop songs and with a…

Transparent Darkness
Espen Eriksen Trio
Rune Grammofon2020
Transparent Darkness
Espen Eriksen TrioRune Grammofon2020