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Shalabi Effect

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Shalabi Effect

Shalabi Effect has been played on NTS in shows including Mark Leckey, featured first on 3 November 2020. Songs played include A Fine State Of A Fez.

Shalabi Effect, a mostly instrumental band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band was originally formed in 1996 as a duo composed of Anthony Seck and Sam Shalabi. The first incarnation of Shalabi Effect released a limited edition cassette recording. In 1998, Shalabi Effect doubled in size by adding Alexandre Saint-Onge on double bass and Will Eizlini on tablas. That year "Aural Florida" was recorded at Red Rocket Studios in Montreal, and was originally slated to be a "side"…

A Fine State Of A Fez
Shalabi Effect
Annihaya Records2012
A Fine State Of A Fez
Shalabi EffectAnnihaya Records2012