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The Day Laborers

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The Day Laborers

The Day Laborers was first played on NTS on 13 November 2020. Songs played include Dawn Interlude.

Joining the lineage of other prolific Long Island hip hop pioneers such as Rakim, EPMD, De La Soul and Public Enemy. Lyricists I.N.F. and Aspect are collectively known as The Day Laborers. A duo who have spent years building a buzz the old fashioned way. Defining themselves on stage performing at venues all over New York City. Most notably a series of highly successful shows at the lengendary CBGB's at a time when the venue had not opened it's doors to hip hop for years until The Day…

Dawn Interlude
The Day Laborers, Rain
Deep Concepts Media2012
Dawn Interlude
The Day Laborers, RainDeep Concepts Media2012