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Jason Willett

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Jason Willett

Jason Willett has been played on NTS in shows including Devotion w/ Lafawndah, featured first on 17 November 2020. Songs played include Cocoquanthusiastic.

Jason Willett is an American musician, known largely for his work with experimental rock groups including Half Japanese, Can Openers, Pleasant Livers, X-Ray Eyes, The Dramatics, The Jaunties, The Attitude Robots, Leprechaun Catering and many more. His record label, Megaphone, initially set out to issue work by punkish Rock in Opposition-derived performers like The Work, Fred Frith, the Molecules, Tim Hodgkinson and Jac Berrocal but became largely a venue for Willett's own collaborative music. He has also made records with Ruins, Jac…

Jac Berrocal, Jason Willett, David Fenech
Megaphone Records, Knock'em Dead Records2020
Jac Berrocal, Jason Willett, David FenechMegaphone Records, Knock'em Dead Records2020