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The Meteors

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The Meteors

The Meteors has been played on NTS in shows including Bahamian Moor, featured first on 17 January 2015. Songs played include Cha No Yu.

There are at least 2 bands called The Meteors, one from the UK, one from the Netherlands:

The Meteors are a psychobilly band from the United Kingdom, who are often credited with giving the genre its distinctive sound. Although the origins of psychobilly are debatable, the Meteors consider themselves the first and only psychobilly band. Fans of the band are known to use the slogan "Only the Meteors are pure psychobilly" (often shortened to just "OTMAPP") as a rallying cry.

The Meteors were…

Cha No Yu
The Meteors
Cha No Yu
The MeteorsCNR1982