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Bingo Trappers

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Bingo Trappers

Bingo Trappers has been played on NTS shows including Mikey Young, with Melancholy Gene first played on 6 September 2020.

Bingo Trappers come straight out of Amsterdam. They debuted somewhere in 1995, and instantly became one of the most popular bands of the belgian-dutch lofi wave of that time. In a press release they were stated as being ' one of the most promising indiepopbands in holland' .

Core of the band is Waldemar Noë, a veteran in the Amsterdam-scene. When Wim Elzinga suggested Waldemar to record some tracks at his place, Bingo trappers were born. In less then a year, they released the tape 'More…

Melancholy Gene
Bingo Trappers
H. Records1997
Melancholy Gene
Bingo TrappersH. Records1997