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William Coulter

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William Coulter

William Coulter has been played on NTS in shows including Organ Tapes, featured first on 23 November 2020. Songs played include Keening Of The Three Marys.

William Coulter has been performing and recording traditional music for over 20 years. His most recent recording, The Road Home, is a critically acclaimed solo project on the Gourd Music label. In 2005 he was awarded a Grammy for his contribution to The Pink Guitar, a collection of solo guitar arrangements of the music of Henry Mancini.

Musical collaborations have been a mainstay of his career and have included many tours and recordings. Song for Our Ancestors, with the…

Keening Of The Three Marys
Mary McLaughlin, William Coulter
Windham Hill Records1998
Keening Of The Three Marys
Mary McLaughlin, William CoulterWindham Hill Records1998