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Earth Trumpet

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Earth Trumpet

Earth Trumpet has been played on NTS shows including OnoTesla, with Lucrative Maintenance Opportunities! first played on 11 October 2020.

Attention Volcano The Bear fans! Earth Trumpet is a solo project from Volcano The Bear member Laurence Coleman, and this is apparently the first part of a 2-CD series, the next to be released later this year. The music is firmly in the VTB realm with lots of wild experimental excursions, though this is more overtly spacey than the VTB recordings I've heard so far.

There's a hell of a variety here. The disc blasts off in an avant-space rock realm with repetitive strumming acoustic guitar…

Lucrative Maintenance Opportunities!
Earth Trumpet, Midwich
Steep Gloss2019
Lucrative Maintenance Opportunities!
Earth Trumpet, MidwichSteep Gloss2019