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Paul Panhuysen

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Paul Panhuysen

Paul Panhuysen has been played on NTS shows including Jameszoo Fool Radio, with 64 Alarms first played on 26 November 2020.

Paul Panhuysen (born Aug 21, 1934, Borgharen) is a Dutch composer, visual and sound artist, and was the founder and director of Het Apollohuis, and art space that functioned during the 80's and 90's having artists doing sound installations, sound sculptures, and concerts about free improvisation, experimental music, electronic music, etc. The most known sound installations of this artist were made with strings, crossing the spaces in different ways, and later played by the artist putting rosing in his fingers and using them as…

64 Alarms
Paul Panhuysen
Station Mir, Semiose Éditions2005
64 Alarms
Paul PanhuysenStation Mir, Semiose Éditions2005