Highlights of 2016 Selected By NTS Residents


We asked a few of our hosts to give us their five of their musical highlights of the past year, be they new releases, mixes, venues or anything else that came to mind. Jessicunt schooled us on the year in avant-R’n’B, Beatrice Dillon ran through the top five guest mixes on her radio show, before being picked in her own right as one of Tic’s highlights of 2016. Then the ever-surprising Sega Bodega gave us some welcome insight into his mind. Check them out through the links below:

- Kit Records

- Beatrice Dillon

- Madam X

- Jessicunt

- The Astral Plane

- Sega Bodega

- Tic (Young Turks)

- Pandora's Jukebox

- Tropic Of Cancer

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