E Y E (BOREDOMS) - NTS Parallel Visions #10


∈Y∋ descends upon the ICA on 14th March for the tenth installation of Parallel Visions.

Perhaps best known for his work leading avant-noise outfit BOREDOMS, ∈Y∋ (also E Y E, eYɘ and countless more monikers) has become a staunch figurehead in the experimental Japanese music scene since the '80s. Working under countless aliases and with a variety of ensembles, he's performed and recorded with everyone from Sonic Youth to Nam June Paik.

Solidifying his reputation as both a solo artist and sometime DJ, ∈Y∋ launched a psychedelic radio residency on NTS last year, whilst a recent solo performance at Fiji Rock shocked listeners through sheer digital chaos. This continues his longstanding penchant for the creatively destructive: in 1985, performing with noise rock group Hanatarash at Tokyo Superloft, a young Yamantanka Eye arrived on stage driving a bulldozer. He eventually knocked a hole in the wall.

VJ for E Y E will be Yusuke Murakami. Murakami is a visual artist based in London. For this event, he integrates AI-generated movies into his audio-interactive visual.

Free tickets released on Wednesday 1st March via The ICA at 11am GMT.

With generous support from Arts Council England.

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