21.06.22 words by Will Dickson

On June 22nd 2022, NTS broadcasts a full day of radio dedicated to the life and work of American science fiction author Octavia E. Butler. Hailed as the ‘Mother of Afrofuturism’, Butler’s unique vision of science fiction expanded the genre to the disenfranchised, as her works tackled far-reaching issues of race, gender and power relations.

Starting from noon UK time on what would have been the writer’s birthday, explore the Octaverse with a full eight hours of original radio. Contributions will span readings of Butler’s work, musical mixes interspersed with spoken word, as well as original compositions written in response to her ouvre. Martine Syms and Colin Self together present a short story written about Butler, with Kelsey Lu debuting some live improvisational compositions themed on Butler’s 2005 vampire science fiction novel, Fledgling. Also expect a new piece by Moor Mother titled Constellation 8/∞ (Octonionioc Constellation), and a tribute DJ mix by the low profile minimal techno figurehead Terrence Dixon.

This broadcast also aims to raise funds for two projects: Birthing Project USA, an African American maternal and child health program which operates internationally, as well as Clockshop, a California based arts and culture organization that seeks to generate social change through the transformation of public space.

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