Crew 2 Crew: Paris

31.03.19 words by Will Dickson

Still - Crew 2 Crew Paris - NTS x Adidas.png

First London and Berlin, now NTS broadcasts direct from Paris for another edition of Crew 2 Crew with Adidas Originals. Hosted by Kyu Steed, featuring live radio shows from:

💢 667 Showcase w/ Lala &ce, Zuukou Mayzie & Coca Vango

💢 EnfantdePauvres & Kaza

💢 Moriba w/ joanna

💢 Take A Mic

💢 Zola

Tune in Wednesday: 3rd April, 1pm-9pm GMT 🇬🇧 / 2pm-10pm CET 🇫🇷

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