21.03.19 words by Will Dickson


To say that there's some confusion around Brexit would be the understatement of the decade. But whether Brexit happens on March 29th or any other date, there are a few things we know for sure:

NTS wouldn’t exist without free movement: hundreds of NTS resident DJs and hosts are from EU countries, as well as a quarter of NTS employees. NTS is proud to broadcast from all over Europe.

NTS will do whatever it takes to continue working across the European continent. We are committed to staying open and connected; crossing borders and pushing boundaries.

For all those concerned by Brexit, here are a few things you can do to have your say:

▫️ write to your local MP to express concerns
▫️ attend the People’s Vote March in London on Saturday 23rd March
▫️ sign the official parliament petition to revoke Article 50

Or consider donating to the following charities:

▫️ Right To Remain - challenging injustice in the British immigration and asylum systems
▫️ End Deportations - platforming acts of resistance against mass deportations
▫️ Refugee Support - offering humanitarian aid with dignity to refugees
▫️ Help Refugees - providing emergency aid and long term solutions to refugees
▫️ Detention Action - campaigning to end indefinite detention in the U.K
▫️ Runnymede Trust - think tank generating intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain
▫️ JCWI - challenging unjust immigration law and policy

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