GUITAR WORLD: 1990-2001

26.07.22 words by Niall McKenna

Starting Monday 1st August, NTS takes a global snapshot of late 20th century guitar music.

We’re traversing some of the countless niche genres the guitar has helped spawn, and shining a light on scenes from around the world in the 1990s - a period in pop culture that continues to resonate with artists over two decades later.

Tune in to on weekday afternoons from 1st to 12th August, for deep dives on everything ‘90s guitar – from ominous Scandinavian metal, to Uyghur dream pop, to shoegaze from Singapore, and so much more…

Scandinavian Black Metal
While the rest of the world embraced the likes Oasis and Nirvana,
a grim spectre hung over Scandinavia…

Australasian Indie & Lo-fi
Oddball Antipodean lo-fi and DIY pop from the likes of NZ’s infamous Flying Nun Records.

Funeral Doom: Europe & Beyond
The mournful and miserable cousin of Scandinavia’s black metal scene, with some gloomy flourishes from further afield. Dirges for the end of history.

Space Rock & Bristol Alternative
A snapshot from a fruitful and experimental era in Bristol’s alternative scene, exploring
shoegaze, space rock, and post-rock.

UK Jangle Pop
Timeless and twee indie rock 7 inches from the UK and AUS.

Brazilian Metal
Lesser heard thrash and speed metal madness from a prolific era of Brazilian hard rock.

Obscure Post Hardcore & Emo
Overlooked and hard to find emo, indie and post-hardcore from the 90s and early 00s.

Sub Pop Singles Club Special
A thorough dig through the lesser known singles released on arguably the quintessential independent label of the 1990s.

Eastern European Outsider Folk
Folk and trad-leaning sounds from the immediate post-Soviet era.

Disolución Social: Mexican Hardcore
Raucous hardcore punk from Mexco, recorded at the beginning of the decade.

Indie from Singapore to Seoul
East and South-East Asian indie rock, dream pop, and shoe gaze from South Korea, Singapore, China, and beyond.

A Guide to Shibuya-Kei
Translating literally as “Shibuya-style”, named after the shopping district of Tokyo, which during the ‘90s was the epicentre of the kitsch and Western retro throwback aesthetic, Shibuya-kei bands drew heavily from easy listening pop movements of the 1960s – bossa nova, psychedelia, yé-yé and more.

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