South African Electronic Music

02.07.21 words by Will Dickson

From Monday 5th July through to Saturday 10th July, NTS Radio explores the rich variety of South African electronic music through a series of one-off radio shows.

Hosted by a diverse range of special guest selectors and artists, each show will dive deep into a specific sub-genre within the South African electronic scene, past and present.

Check the full schedule below:

South African Funk & Disco w/ Flames Shilowa

Monday 5th July / 5-6pm SAST / 4-5pm BST
Pretoria selector Flames Shilowa kicks off the series with a celebration of funk and disco from South Africa starting from its origins in the 1970s.

Bubblegum w/ DJ Okapi

Monday 5th July / 6-7pm SAST / 5-6pm BST
An overview of the synth-laden style of dancepop named 'bubblegum', popular in South African townships throughout the late '80s and early '90s. Hosted by Joburg collector DJ Okapi

Kwaito w/ DJ realROZZANO

Wednesday 7th July / 7-8pm SAST / 6-7pm BST
Emerging from South African clubs in the early '90s, Kwaito takes influence from US house music, disco and hip-hop, often mixed with samples from traditional African music.

South African House w/ Paul Waxon

Thursday 8th July / 11-12am SAST / 10-11pm BST
Cape Town selector Paul Waxon explores the many varied sounds of South African House music at the turn of the 21st century.

GQOM w/ Fela Gucci

Friday 9th July / 3-4pm SAST / 2-3pm BST
Evolving out of the Kwaito sound in the late '00s, GQOM is known for its raw, minimal and percussive instrumentals, which flip the house-indebted four to the floor pulse in favour of a more syncopated, organic rhythm. Hosted by Fela Gucci.

Amapiano w/ Nodiggity

Saturday 10th July / 6-7pm SAST / 5-6pm BST
Perhaps the most significant offshoot of South African dance music in the last few years, the Amapiano sound blends deep house with soulful samples and atmospheric synth.

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