Paco Rabanne & NTS Presents A Million Ways To make it

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A million ways to make it

Fund 2021 Artists

Watch the videos below featuring the Paco Rabanne Fund 21 artists to find out more about who they are and how the fund has helped their music careers to evolve over the last year.

The Artists



French-Senegalese artist anaiis occupies a transcendent musical space, using her voice for self-reflection, solace and empowerment. A child of diaspora, anaiis sings in multiple languages, and writes with a global outlook, channeling her experience as a young black woman.

The Paco Rabanne Fund has helped anaiis to focus on the next steps in her career, experiment with her craft and expand her skills and interests to ultimately elevate her work.
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Singer-songwriter Harleighblu is striking out in the bubbling UK neo-soul scene with her distinctive sound and touching vocals. Hailing from Nottingham, the singer’s mellow fusion of soul, hip-hop and jazz cross-reference her myriad influences, matched with straight-talking, empowering lyrics.

The Paco Rabanne Fund allowed Harleighblu to travel overseas and collaborate with Detroit rapper/singer/songwriter Illa J on an album due to be released this year.
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Mom Tudie

Mom TudieMom Tudie

Mom Tudie is a 24 year old producer from South London who has been making music since childhood: jazz, pop, hip-hop and soul, guided by his family and friends. A self-taught producer, Mom’s craft eventually evolved into the distinct sound it is today. Straddling jazz and R’n’B, Mom’s music often blurs the line where live music ends and electronic production begins.

The Paco Rabanne Fund has given Mom a sense of security as an artist, enabling him to invest in equipment and focus on more live performances.
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