Live now

150 Session

Berlin, 18.05.15

Once mixed under a sunshiny roof in Cologne, now developed in a snugly room in Berlin: 150 Session has no clue what to do, missed all goals and comes around from all directions. ML's worldly sets are prepared spontaneously, marrying avant-electronics with foretime chants, odd dance emotions, man-made minimal tones, psychedelic fuzz and some neon light jazz. No country, no flag – outernational without a cause!


  • Unknown (Music Of The Worlds Peoples Vol. 1)
    Sania Gath: Raga Kaphi
  • Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud & Her Isswat Group 
  • Orchestra Omar 
    King Assan
  • Black Madonna
    Venus Requiem
  • Man Friday 
    Love Honey, Love Heartache (Instrumental)
  • The The 
  • Tolerance 
    Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit
  • Kassem Mosse (Workshop 19)
  • Unknown (Music Of The Worlds Peoples Vol. 1)
    Bali (Gender Wayang)
  • Houz' Mon 
    Introut: Hindu Talkin' Shit