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150 Session



Once mixed under a sunshiny roof in Cologne, now developed in a snugly room in Berlin: 150 Session has no clue what to do, missed all goals and comes around from all directions. ML's worldly sets are prepared spontaneously, marrying avant-electronics with foretime chants, odd dance emotions, man-made minimal tones, psychedelic fuzz and some neon light jazz. No country, no flag – outernational without a cause!

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  • The Caretaker - All You're Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There
  • Pascal Schäfer - Far Away Places
  • Forms Of Things Unknown - Interrupted By Interior Design, Part II: From Here To Parker Posey
  • El Ritmo De Mi Gente Featuring Lady by Andres - Untitled
  • Vincent Price - Excerpt From "Thriller" Voice-Over Session
  • Müstique 03 - Unknown Artist
  • Gene Lawrence - Feel Like Making Love
  • Group Lewlewal - Ligeey
  • Trio - Trio
  • Felix - I Can’t Do
  • Archangel - Julia (Dean Blunt "On Wine, Hashish & Molly" Version)
  • Interrupted By Interior Design - Part 2. From Here To Parker Posey by Forms Of Things Unknown
  • Doug Hream Blunt - Gentle Persuasion
  • Joel Graham - Night
  • Helena Hauff - Dreams In Colour
  • Devendra Banhart - A Gain