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150 Session - Trapped In a Dream

Berlin, 30.08.22

Once mixed under a sunshiny roof in Cologne, now developed in a snugly room in Berlin: 150 Session has no clue what to do, missed all goals and comes around from all directions. ML's worldly sets are prepared spontaneously, marrying avant-electronics with foretime chants, odd dance emotions, man-made minimal tones, psychedelic fuzz and some neon light jazz. No country, no flag – outernational without a cause!


  • Drone Operator
    German Satellite
  • Kristin Oppenheim
    A Woman Left Lonely
  • Jack J 
    Closing The Door
  • Valentina Goncharova 
    Return To the Ocean (2021)
  • The Düsseldorf Düsterboys
    Ab Und Zu
  • Fred Frith 
    Morning Song
  • Bourbonese Qualk 
  • Sprung Aus Den Wolken 
    Noch Lange Nicht
  • Nagamatzu 
    Bird, Spider, Fly
  • Brittany Dubson 
  • Kristin Oppenheim 
    Golden Hair (1995)
  • Xen & Yovav
  • Judah Warsky & Gilbert Cohen
    Tout Le Temps (Alice Lewis Remix)
  • Ka Baird, Pekka Airaksinen 
    Syzygy (For Pekka)
  • Cheri Knight 
  • Lolina
    Face The Music
  • Samuel Rohrer
  • Kristin Oppenheim
    A Woman Left Lonely
  • Recent Arts 
    I've Got A Better You