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London, 26.07.21

With C.A.R.

239EF is Kristina & Chloé, NTS Radio hosts and both artists in their own right. As DIET CLINIC, Kristina is an empowered DJ and moving image artist, driven not only by her own success but by the success of women within electronic music. Her Weaponise Your Sound label features female DJs and artists, reflecting on aspects of sexuality, environment and mind. Chloe is a formidable talent in the electronic underground. With two critically acclaimed LPs under her belt, she produces her own unique brand of off-kilter-synth-wave under the moniker C.A.R. When the two join forces as 239EF, the result is thrilling; a perfectly complementary journey into the outer realms of dance music. Throbbing techno, industrial rhythms, proto-house, jacking new beat … you’ll find the pair in dark & sweaty basements, lifting dance floors with a vast and surprising blend of past and future influences.


  • Jon Collin 
    Eagle Shit
  • Nic Arizona 
    Let Him Who Is Without A Sin Feat. The Butterfly
  • Angel Bar Dawid
    ‘Goree’ Or Slave Stick
  • Tantra Motion
    Sea Turtle In Sde Poker
  • Krikor Kouchian
    The Dream Of Clarice
  • ICAR
    I Know
  • FRKTL 
    Sól tér sortna, sígr fold í mar
  • Eilien 
  • FRKTL 
  • Acid Pauli
    Seufzende Steine
  • Rembert De Smet & Ferre Baelen
    Le Mystère (On The Dub)
  • Helium 
    What Is The Human Machine
  • Harmonious Thelonious
    Rivera (Toulouse Low Trax Remix)
  • Batu
    Satin (Dub)
  • Rupert Cross
    Avenue X
  • ‘Win
  • Zillas On Acid
    He Wasn’t Afraid …
  • Admina 
  • Zaliva-D 
  • Credit 00 
    Jus Tee Naa
  • Zaliva-D 
    True Ancient
  • We Will Fail 
    Diving In Plastic
  • Sid Le Rock
    Thrills (SLR Fluff Edit)
  • Weird Weather
    Devil’s Dinner Plate
  • тпсб
    Catching Rare Birds
  • Vanessa Worm 
    To Be Continued
  • Bostro Pesopeo