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Whodis? w/ DV

Los Angeles, 02.12.20

56 DJs & Stones Throw Records employees, David Valencia, Kota Yoshioka, Nic Cabrera, Dain Valdes, Shane Sakanoi & Tim Nable bring you “Whodis?” twice a month on NTS Los Angeles. Expect to hear sounds ranging from Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Electro and more.

Collection: Sweet Soul


  • Homer Simpson
    Radio Land
  • D & T
    You And I
  • Hap Nes
    That Smile Glows
  • Uplifters
    Strength All Seasons
  • The Magicians
  • Eye Sights
    Look Forward
  • Maxwell House
    Coffee Drops
  • MG Scott
  • Autumn Leaves
    One Tree Seed
  • Rocket Ship
    Out With A Boom
  • Steve's Urkel's
    Did I Do?
  • The Cool Crew
    Lil Help From The Fellas
  • The Iterates
    Yo Da Lay Hee Hoo
  • Fluffo
    Wake & Bake
  • The Heart Beats
    True Love
  • Ready Freddy
    No Defeat
  • The Handshakes
    Como Te Llamas
  • The Kayaks
    Paddle Paddle
  • Slicers
    Rocky Road Flavor
  • DJ And The Heartfelts
    I Love You
  • Soul Seekers
    Go Down The List
  • Nabisco
    Make Ritz
  • Sam Solo
    All One In One
  • TD Butterflies
    8 Sideways
  • Ol Man Chato
    Smooth Ballad
  • Ren & Stimpy 
    Happy Holiday Hop
  • The Solid Sets
    Five Ever Love
  • Piano Poet
  • Peanut Butter
    Out The Jar
  • The Strollers 
    Love My Baby
  • The High Heels
    Wrong Size
  • Soul Sis & The Tunes
    114% Proof
  • Marvelous
    Affection In Sight
  • The Lifeguards
    Waves Crashing
  • Hawkeye Feat. The Peers
    So Fine So Fine
  • Olly Ox & Free
    Seek And Hide
  • Smooth Sanction
    Lovey Dovey
  • The Sleep Tights
    Counting Sheep
  • Love Bugs
    LA LA All Day
  • DV Edit
    Track 33