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75 Years of Folkways: A Tribute to Lucinda Williams by Jenn Pelly

Washington DC, 22.10.23

Music writer and Pitchfork contributing editor Jenn Pelly plays music by songwriter Lucinda Williams: 'Before she became one of the most beloved and influential songwriters of the modern era, Lucinda Williams received a payment of $300 from Moe Asch at Folkways to record her 1979 debut album, Ramblin, with borrowed time at a Jackson, Mississippi studio. Her second, Happy Woman Blues, was released by Folkways in 1980, marking Lucinda’s first collection of outlaw-poet originals. This program celebrates Lucinda’s early Folkways year with a mix of these timeless songs, some contemporary covers, and insights from Lucinda’s recent memoir, Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You.'

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