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BFDM w/ Saint - Georges

Marseille, 28.06.21

BFDM, a.k.a Brothers From Different Mothers, are the snottiest techno label around. Non-stop crunch rollers, all the way from Lyon - tune in for an hour on 2, monthly Mondays.


  • Knut Skodvid
    Se Og Har
  • Unknown
  • Dark Arts 
    Golden Fond Memories
  • Kollaps
    Einstürzende Neubauten
  • Die Art
  • Robert Ashley 
    The Park
  • Minimal Compact 
    Too Many Of Them
  • Cristobal Tapia De Veer 
    Meditative Chaos
  • White Hospital 
    Body And Flesh
  • Ended 
  • HHY & The Macumbas 
    Wilderness of Glass
  • Robert Ashley 
    The Backyard
  • Gaë Bolg And The Church
    Danse De L'ankou
  • Jose Serviloles
    La Mueve Guitarre
  • Anno Luz 
    Por Quê