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OHOH w/ KO__OL & Ibrahem Hasan: Love Is Why - The Audio Collage

London, 02.07.21

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Love is why - my first book is a 512 page non-linear experimental storytelling piece: A thank you to my childhood mentors, four black gentlemen I met on Maxwell Street, and Malcolm X. The book is the visualization of their teachings, and the conversations I had with them growing up on the South Side of Chicago.

This is the audio version. Non-linear memory fragments of sound put together in a collage of innocence to mirror the book.

100% of the proceeds from the book went to purchasing laptops for the Brooklyn Democracy Academy. BDA is a transfer high school for over-age and under-credited students in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Last year their students lost their beloved principal Dez-Ann Romain to COVID. She was 36-years-young. Working with BDA's current principal Yesenia Peralta and Dean Doyle LaShawn we raised over 27K to buy laptops for the students and iPads for the faculty.

The Love is Why Audio Collage Produced and Arranged by Ibrahem Hasan Co-produced by Sonny Daze & Isaiah Collier Recorded in Chicago


Isaiah Collier - Musical Director, Angel Bat Dawid - Vocals, Cynthia Collier - Vocals, Julian Otis - Vocals, Isaiah Collier - Vocals, Kamal Collins - Vocals, Camelia Chorsi - Vocals, Ibrahem Hasan - Vocals, Jeremiah Hunt - Bass, Jeff Wheaton - Bass, Angel Bat Dawid - Bass Clarinet, Joesph Kelly - Harp, Randy Price - Trumpet, Matthew Rivera - Keys, Isaiah Collier - Keys, Ibrahem Hasan - Keys, Josh Robertson - Guitar, Matthew Rivera - Drums, Jeremiah Collier - Drums , Ibrahem Hasan - Percussion, Shawn Owens - Engineer.


  • KeiyaA 
    I! Gits! Weary!
  • Prince 
    Digital Garden
  • Flying Lotus 
    ... And The World Laughs With You
  • Stereolab 
    Monstre Sacre
  • MIKE
    At Thirst Sight By Assia
  • DJ Ladyfingers
    Blood Out
  • Nas 
    Take It In Blood
  • Amina Claudine Myers 
    Thank You
  • Love Is Why
    Audio Collage