Live now

Aaron Angell

London, 13.11.21

Visual artist and ceramicist Aaron Angell plays a vinyl-only monthly selection of music from his collection - usually focussing on guitar soli, privately pressed UK folk, psychedelia, and the occult new age.


  • Howard Menger 
    Narration By Howard Menger Noted Lecturer And Author On Outer Space Flying Objects And Persons From Other Planets
  • Howard Menger 
    The Song From Saturn (Music From Another Planet)
  • Michael Gramlich 
    The Godsinger Experience In Creating Oneness
  • Warren James & Friends
    Floating On A Dark Wind
  • Daniel Lentz 
    On The Leopard Altar
  • Фирюза
    Край Родной
  • Walsall Youth Jazz Orchestra