Live now

Aaron Angell

London, 18.09.21

Visual artist and ceramicist Aaron Angell plays a vinyl-only monthly selection of music from his collection - usually focussing on guitar soli, privately pressed UK folk, psychedelia, and the occult new age.


  • Blackthorne
    After The Goldrush
  • Good Egg
    After The Goldrush
  • The Cotswold Folk 
    After The Goldrush
  • Cheltenham Grammar School 1st Year Percussion Group
  • Mary Barnes
    Three Candles
  • Archimedes Badkar 
  • Petals For The Altar
    Ridhi Sidhi Data
  • Sue Downer & Arthur Hendrie 
    Phasin' Out
  • Nico Assumpção
    Zona Oest
  • Best Friends 
  • Jonathon Round 
    Sympathy For The Devil
  • J. Rider 
    Kiss Of Your Soul
  • The Contents Are 
    Recurring Changes
  • These Are My Uncles
    Hey Hey
  • Paul Witherspoon 
    Get Away
  • Siren
    Boy’s Club
  • Automatic D’Lamini
    I Don’t Want To Hurt My Father (But I’m In Love)
  • Annie Lewis 
    The Lass With The Delicate Air
  • Mandy Morton Band 
    Valley Of Light
  • Jumpleads 
    False Knight On The Road
  • Cheltenham Grammar School Folk Group ‘Eclipse'
    I Think I’m Crying
  • Dando Shaft