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Aaron Angell

London, 29.08.22

Visual artist and ceramicist Aaron Angell plays a vinyl-only monthly selection of music from his collection - usually focussing on guitar soli, privately pressed UK folk, psychedelia, and the occult new age.


  • Peter Finger 
    Newborn Yet To Come
  • Carole Boardman
    Empty Bed Blues
  • Talisman
    Fire & Rain
  • David Bright & Sarah Farmer
    A Bed Of Lovely
  • Kevin McCormick, David Horridge 
    Dance For Two Strangers
  • Elecampane
  • Sylvia Moore 
    Ashyee Tatale
  • Dukes Of Illyria
    Food Of Love
  • Annie Lewis 
    I Sowed The Seeds
  • No Hat Moon 
    My Silent Friend
  • Catherine Howe 
  • Vulcan’s Hammer
    Chicken On A Raft
  • Peter Kelley 
    Circle Of Her Magic
  • The Boys Of Holmewood House
  • Jack Treese 
    Theme From "The Moon-Eyed Cod"
  • Philip John Lewin 
    Fear Of Flying
  • Peter Bursch Und Die Bröselmaschine
    Come Together