Live now

Aaron Angell

London, 31.07.23

Visual artist and ceramicist Aaron Angell plays a vinyl-only monthly selection of music from his collection - usually focussing on guitar soli, privately pressed UK folk, psychedelia, and the occult new age.


  • Diwan Motihar
    White Theme
  • The Amazing Snail Brothers 
    Silence In The City
  • Andy Caven 
    Our Lady
  • Gene Pitney 
    Train Of Thought
  • Christy 
    Deep Down
  • Ennio Morricone 
    Deep Down (main Title English)
  • Ennio Morricone 
    Deep Down (Parade 5052)
  • Martin Junior School
    What Have They Done To The Rain?
  • Freshmen 
    All My Trials, Child Song
  • Jan Kennedy 
    She Is There
  • Archie Fisher 
  • Bumble 
    When The Forest Cloak Has Fallen
  • Sunforest
    Untitled Organ Track (Acetate)
  • Sunforest
    Walk In The Sun (Acetate)
  • Paul Masse 
    Motels And Stations
  • Alexis Keaney
    Muddy Water’s Rolling Stone
  • Guy Cabay
    La Sabate D’Sinte Mere L’oto
  • Unknown Artist
    Up In The Sky
  • Elecampane
    Enter Old Nick