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Aboutface - These solum days we've plaid the craze

London, 18.07.20

Featuring the poem: ‘The Rub’ written by Syd Hawes, narrated by darker. Taro on Violin, voice by darker. All other instrumentation by aboutface.

Live improvisations using the fibonacci sequence to create melodies and rhythms, twisted into unreleased music, records and binaural field recordings captured during essential travel in lockdown London. The project is inspired by patterns in urban nature: language; behaviour; seasons; fractal physiology.


  • Improvisation #1
    London Bridge
  • Devotional
    Bob Kindler
  • Keshava Murahara
    Alice Coltrane
  • Okand Konstnar
  • Dazion 
    The Chant Of Celebrational Beings
  • Improv #2
    Petticoat Lane
  • Tamburá
    Tikitaka (Dazion Remix)
  • Future Sound Of London
    Room 208
  • Boards Of Canada 
    Sick Times
  • Future Sound Of London
  • Improvisation #3
  • Ecstatic Science
  • Special Request 
    No Other Way To See It
  • Lord Of The Isles
    Passing Feat. Ellen Renton
  • Loya 
    Ti Lélé (feat. Menwar)
  • Improvisation #4
    Portobello Road
  • Microhm
  • Radiohead