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Rare Rap Tapes w/ Adamgoesham

Los Angeles

Before Spotify, and before Napster; those of us with an appetite for weirdo, left-field, alternative, underground hip hop would trade dubbed cassette tapes through janky Angelfire-built websites. Connecting w/ eachother via chat rooms like AOL's "Hip Hop Music'', SOHH (Search Online Hip Hop),; or on message boards like the Living Legends forum, the Heiro message board, the Anticon message board, LA2THEBAY forum. We’d spend hours scouring websites like and for RealAudio files of new underground hip hop; and pour over new releases at online retailers like Access Music, Sandbox Automatic, and B-Boy Kingdom; always looking for the most obscure rare underground rap tapes. A lot of music from that era never made it onto streaming. This show is dedicated to the lost golden age of underground hip hop & the internet. Enjoy.